Friday, September 20, 2019

Stupid Questions Asked From Escort in Lebanon

Lebanon is an Arabian country and prostitution matters here a lot in this country, that's why it is legal here and regulated in most Arabian countries. People come from different countries of the world to enjoy the services of the Lebanon escorts. People come here either occasionally or sometimes with a purpose of love towards escorts in Beirut and they contact to the escort to choose a girl from here to make her, his own companion. Here is a list of stupid questions asked from escort in Lebanon, which are following-

1. Is that next to "the Iraq"?
Oh, white people.

2. Is it safe to live there?
No, I just get by on prayers and magic. Read the fucking news please.

3. Why don’t you move?
Lol okay, I’ll just move then. Hand me my useless passport please!

4. Can you wear shorts?
Only when the church elders give us the green light.

5. Do you have hash?
Well, yeah. I guess that’s not such a stupid one after all.

6. Have you ever been in a car bomb?
Yes, but this conversation is far more painful.

7. How come everyone drinks so much?
Because we have car bombs.

8. How come you speak English?

9. Why don’t the Lebanese folks simply revolt and obtain eliminate their politicians?
Because it'd remove our argyle and spirits time.

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