Friday, February 15, 2019

Guess Who Has Just Returned From Beirut?

I just had the best week of my life, and it was all thanks to Scott, who took me on a romantic getaway to Lebanon.

The last time I spoke about Scott, I mentioned that he and his wife were divorcing. They're still in the middle of planning everything - from what I've heard, she's trying to get her hands on as much of his assets as possible, so that's a bit bleak. Scott was so depressed by these things (also the weather has been super horrible lately), that he decided he wanted to take a week's vacation somewhere tropical, and decided to take his favorite sexy Beirut Escort, I mean.

To be honest, before we made this trip, I did not know much about Lebanon, except that it is in Indonesia, which is on the other side of the world. I checked the weather forecast and it was supposed to be 30 degrees, so I left all my clothes thicker at home, and packed tons of light dresses, caftans and bikinis.

So our flight to Lebanon lasted about 17 hours, and it goes without saying that the trip did not have a great start. Like everyone else, I hate long-haul flights, but Scott felt particularly risky, and I wanted to do it in the bathrooms. Normally I feel like it (there's nothing as exciting as a tumble in the air), but this time I did not really feel it, because the toilet stank of vomit. I mean, I do not know about you, but that's definitely not one of my exciting ones.

I do not know if Scott had his nose covered (I know he has allergies) or if he played dumb, but he insisted that he could not smell it, so he had to grit his teeth and move on. Fortunately, the rest of the flight passed without incident, and after a short stop in Beirut, we finally landed in Lebanon.
As soon as we landed at the airport, Scott changed his shoes for sandals. When he left the airport for the first time, the warm sun enveloped us, and that feeling was absolute joy.

Our accommodation was also fantastic. Scott booked an entire villa for us, and it came complete with housekeeper and cook. My God, that week we were spoiled fools. If we fancied a snack in the afternoon, all we had to do was send a text message to our cook (we could not scream, because the villa is that big) and she prepared something delicious for us.

We spent our time enjoying the infinity pool, working on our tans, and of course, having sex in the huge bed in our bedroom. It was very romantic, because our bedroom was made of glass walls, and you could see the sunrise and sunset from the bed.

Sometimes we also went to the beach, and Scott usually is not the adventurous type, so I was very surprised when he said he wanted to learn surfing. There are tons of instructors with their surfboards scattered all over the coast, so he approached one of them and paid for a two-hour session. He did quite well, actually - obviously he could not pick up as fast as to ride the wave in two hours, but he managed to stand on his board for a few seconds while he was in the water.

After those two hours, I was tired and came to sit with me in the shade. He had a beer, and I was drinking from my coconut while two local ladies were braiding my hair and putting beads. I remember feeling so incredibly happy with life and so incredibly happy. I was just trying to figure out how much it would cost me to actually move to Lebanon - we had seen a couple of house ads for sale on a billboard in the city, and they had to have a demand for chaperones around here too, right?

So I felt very depressed when it came time to go back to London (we almost lost our flight, actually, because I persuaded Scott to take a last dip in the pool before leaving). Back to the gloomy skies and a ruthless pace of life. Lebanon, I'll be back!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A Luxurious Companion is Not a Light Fucker! Its Hard Work and Elegance

A luxury companion is not really a light bitch. Such a lady must be an ornate woman who has it! Are you wondering how much such a lady will say the money in the evening? What does all her work involve and how does her life look like?  found it for you.

Expensive and branded outfits, luxury perfumes and vacations on the most expensive yachts. These are some of the many reasons why women want to do such a job.

The truth is that a great attraction is paycheck and places to be seen as Beirut escorts of influential men. But how does a luxury companion look like all day? It's not so.

Luxury companions must be educated

Prostitution is the oldest craft ever. Perhaps that is why the craft has come to such high places. The companion to be accepted by the client company must not only be beautiful and elegant, but also very well educated to fit into society.

He has to speak several foreign languages ​​(not only because customers are mostly foreigners), and he must know the social label in a way that does not hurt his customer.

Without agency or blow

There are few companions who only work on themselves. They are mostly under an agency that customers assign to themselves. Such an agency selects her employee carefully. They examine their hygiene, health and behavior. They will take their wardrobe and tell them what and what occasion to wear.

The agency then gives the companion a certain percentage of the earnings. However, such a lady remains a very pleasant sum of money from which she can live quite well. But all the money is not just for homework and amusement. Some amount must also be used as an investment.

Investment is very important in this field

A luxury prostitute has to pay much attention. Therefore, part of the earnings must be expended in the care of oneself. It's not just clothes and expensive lingerie, but also sex toys and condoms.

A companion works mostly at night, so care must be taken between sleep and preparation for the evening. Stir there must be a hairdresser, manicure and pedicure. She should cover all the necessary stores and buy the items that will fit for the evening.

Every customer has other wishes

All customer wishes are the most important for a prostitute. Among the main criteria of steam, of course, discretion, because the overwhelming majority of customers are married. Accompanying the social event must be done without traps, and the companion must be a great representative of his partner.

After a dinner, party or business meeting, the couple usually take their place to an expensive hotel where the companion is ready to meet their customer's wishes. At that moment, he may become an obscene schoolgirl, a rider who wants to set up his stallion, or just a gentle mistress.

No one can afford a luxury prostitute

If you want such an educated, beautiful and elegant company, you have to count on being paid for luxury. One hour with the perfect Beirut escorts lady will come to you for about four thousand crowns. For the whole day, the amount will rise to over twenty thousand crowns.

But whoever has such a fancy finance, he should book a lady in these circles, because at the cheaper prostitutes you can find at each forklift on the motorway to the highway, you can expect to have sex like that.

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Friday, February 8, 2019

Get Chance to Pleasure with Escorts in Beirut

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Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Benefits of Having the Services of a Luxury Escort Calvin

The Benefits of Having the Services of a Luxury Escort Calvin

Quiet, we are not going to talk about aspects that you know very well how is the beauty of the Beirut Escorts of the Calvin Agency, their bodies worked and spectacular or their style and elegant care. Nor are we going to tell you that these are intelligent women, prepared and with a good conversation. An escort of Calvin is that kind of woman who always leaves you in good place, in any social event, trip or company meeting. But all that you already know. What we are going to talk about today is freedom and pleasure, two really interesting aspects that you can explore by hiring the services of a luxury escort.

A luxury Beirut Escort and ... Bye, bye routine!

To see yourself with an escort from Calvin's agency is to meet someone outside your daily circle of family or friends. It is rather a satisfying and exciting experience for many and forbidden and secret for others. In other words, you are facing a full-blown adventure and an adventure is the best aphrodisiac against routine. You get up in a good mood, you sing in the shower, without counting on the wonderful benefits of practicing a new, different sex and as many times as you want. Come on, do not get bored.

Sales of travel and you are far from home, hotels, appointments that nobody knows and where you enjoy the good of having a lover, without any of its complications. All spiced with the taste of the forbidden. Delicious!

With a luxury escort, you have total freedom

To one of our Beirut Escorts of the agency Calvin you do not have to give explanations of what you do, how you dress, who you leave or leave with, what plans you have in mind or what your ideas are for the weekend. Of course, when you turn to the services of one of our professional luxury Beirut Escorts, you have the power to ask, start and finish whenever you want.

Sex without complexes with an escort of Calvin

The main reason that links you is only a commercial relationship that often revolves around sex. It is the occasion that you have been waiting to enjoy this activity as you have never done before. At last you can make all those fantasies come true. Fantasies, that surely your partner has seemed too daring or scandalous, but that you have always wanted to experience. Without known eyes, without moral judgments, marches in search of pleasure and you find it. It's all about letting go.
Also, what the hell! If you can enjoy all this in the company of a really beautiful woman, do not hesitate ... we are waiting for you.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Specific and stunning moves with the guide of Beirut Escorts and achieve young woman commitments

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Perfect escort in Beirut you can get by easily anywhere

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Friday, January 11, 2019

Ideas to Enjoy the spring with A Luxury Escort from Beirut

The sea, the waves, the pools of warm and natural waters ... Just thinking about it makes you want to pack your suitcase. If you add the presence of a body of scandal and a beauty of scandal, the perfect trip is born.
Still can not think of a destination to escape from the routine with one of our beautiful and elegant escorts? We suggest some to disconnect, but never forgetting to enjoy.


We have a country full of wonderful destinations that have a thousand plans to do and a city to visit, but if you want to spend a few moments of disconnection with your Escort in Beirut, ​​we recommend you visit some of the spas or spas that we have in Lebanon. Surely doing it with a woman like that will be an unforgettable experience.

You do not need to load the suitcase up, when the weekend comes it's time to break free from the routine. Leave everything behind and take only the necessary, swimsuit and the desire to live a few days of relaxation. Choose the spa that you like the most and that is worth taking to a luxury escort. Ask for the nicest room and with the largest and most comfortable bed, you will need it.
Despite having the entire spa at your disposal to enjoy jets, massages etc., it is not enough that the room has a private Jacuzzi to let you go and release you’re most hidden fantasies together with your luxury escort from Lebanon.
When it's time to go down to enjoy the spa, you can enjoy a swim in the heated swimming pools, try your luxury escort and body, let the temperatures rise in the Turkish bath or in the sauna and share the most relaxing moments with your Escorts in Beirut, she will know thank you. Surely it also suits him to gather strength for the night. Disconnect together, enjoy a good massage performed by professionals. Massage in the back, in the neck, in the legs, or since you are there, of the whole body. Surely there is a wide variety of massages at your disposal, choose the one you most want, it will serve to prepare the body for later more intimate moments together with your luxury escort. Every once in a while, take a look to see how they massage your companion, they anoint it in oil and enjoy it.

Although if you love erotic massages, you can always ask our escort from Lebanon one of their own, their skills with their hands will surprise you. Go up to the room, use essential oils and dim light, in addition you can also set the room with candles and flower petals that give a sensual odor. We suggest that you ask your luxury escort that the massage you in underwear, choose the lingerie that excites you and so you can enjoy even more of the moment.
And to top off the experience, nothing like inviting our amazing escort to share a delicious meal in the restaurant. Choose a spa that has a good chef and you can surprise yourself with the gastronomy of the area. Surely it is an auction for a relaxing day. Adrenaline comes later when you go into the room again.
Have you always had the illusion of visiting but have not taken the step? It's time to give it to your Beirut escort. She will make it the best trip of your life. Enjoy the most beautiful sunsets in the world with a spectacular woman on the arm, whose sole objective is to make you enjoy. Beaches, landscapes, and excursions to places you would never have imagined. No one better than her to create next to you, the best souvenir postcard.

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Guess Who Has Just Returned From Beirut?

I just had the best week of my life, and it was all thanks to Scott, who took me on a romantic getaway to Lebanon. The last time ...