Saturday, April 28, 2018

She refused to be with me but I insisted. Read full blog about Lebanon escorts.

Escort Beirut
Escort Beirut
This story is of those days when I was the hardest time of my life. The people of my house sent me Beirut. I booked a bus ticket. It was winter time, I got a seat with a side.

At about 6 in the evening, I reached the bus station. If I reached your seat, then the seat next to me was empty. When the bus was running, 3 beautiful girls climbed on the bus, one Escort Beirut of them sat next to me and others sat on the other two seats.

Escorts in Beirut
Escorts in Beirut
I thought time would be near. But luck was something else approved. They climbed into an aunt and bus, their age would be around 30-35 years, they came and sat down with those two girls. According to all the seat numbers, they were sitting in their seats.
Those Escorts in Beirut changed the seat from the old lady. I did not like it.
Well let's just walk. I was troubled by my life and started to look after all these sounds easily and started sitting close to the eye.

Escort in Beirut
Escort in Beirut
Because of the woman's hand in a while, I had to open the eye.
He had realized this, then he said - sorry, actually I was looking for my lead.
I saw that one of the hands of an Escort in Beirut was in her bag.
I- No matter.
I turned off the eye again.
Then their voice came - see, son, my earphones have been left home .. ohhahh must be bore me!
Maybe they were talking on the phone

Beirut Escort
Beirut Escort
I turned to him - listen to my earphone.
I said one side of the speaker stretching towards them.
She - do not let it stay.
I - dear Beirut Escort. How long will you be bored? Take it.
He took one end of the speaker, so I said the phone was pushing towards him. I- Play the songs.
That's not you
I- Play with your choice.

Escorts Beirut
Escorts Beirut
She - you play with your choice.
I - My Play List, all the songs are of my liking, which you like, you play it. 

She took the call saying this. I closed my eyes and started listening to songs.
At 9 pm, Dad called me for something. Beirut Escorts was asking whether I need any food to eat or not. I refused. Then, father started to scold me. I had to eat then.
He also listened to this. Speaking the speaker, he said - Come on, eat food.
We ate with food, in the meantime, a series of things started.


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